Grow your Restaurant Business Online 

To help businesses bounce back from the detrimental impacts of the pandemic, a new opportunity for restaurant owners has recently arisen: the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). This government funding is designed to assist businesses with growing their online presence.

For example, you could get your own food ordering app which will enable your restaurant to serve existing customers more effectively, attract new customers in the digital marketplace, and gain a competitive advantage while diversifying revenue streams.

white label food ordering app for restaurants

To be eligible for the Grow Your Business Online Grant through CDAP, your business must:

It’s as simple as that! If you are eligible, you can receive a grant to help with the cost of adopting NextGen Kitchens white-label mobile application and use it for FREE for up to 3 months! Click here to apply for the funding and book a free demo with our team to learn more about our white-label app.

1) Optimize your operation

NextGen Kitchens Food Ordering App Can Help You: 

2) Gain back control

3) Improve customer engagement

Why NextGen Kitchens' Food Ordering App?  

Let us do the work

When you choose NextGen Kitchens’ white-label mobile app, we assist you every step of the way: from customizing your app and building your menu – to publishing the app to Android and iOS app stores. 

Control of customer data

Store all of your customers’ information to be able to reach them with personalized offers and promotions. 

Multi-brand carts

Own a ghost kitchen, commissary, or food court? Our Mix-and-Match features enable your customers to order food from multiple brands on one bill and split earnings among each business to streamline the accounting process.

POS integration

We integrate directly with multiple POS companies so you can avoid tablet overload and receive orders comfortably directly to your kitchen. 

Capitalize on the online ordering market

We will never charge you a commission because your customers are simply yours!

So why not give them a fully branded iOS and Android mobile app experience?

This is the time to build a meaningful connection with them online and start generating healthy profit margins from off-premise dining.

Grow your Business Online with the Canadian Digital Adoption Program 

Now is the perfect time to submit your application through the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) to get your grant and use it to adopt NextGen Kitchens’ fully customizable mobile app for free. 

If your restaurant, food court, commissary, or ghost kitchen business is interested in adopting a white-label app software solution for free boo a demo with our team to learn more about this limited-time opportunity

Resources to maximize online ordering:

Find educational articles on our blog that can help you stay on top of your restaurants’ operations and learn about industry trends.

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