Manage your inventory in one place:

Always know what you need from your supplier before you run out with our inventory management system.

Organize your food and beverages whether you have storage in one or multiple locations.

Why keep track of inventory:


Built to fit your business

Organize the inventory of your digital restaurant or ghost kitchens across locations.

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Save by reducing waste

Track your inventory in one place and use our tools to avoid waste in your kitchens.

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Know your real costs

Keep track of your cost of goods sold and adjust your prices to keep profit margins healthy.


Track your supplies

Check your dashboard and follow our low stock alerts to swiftly get your new inventory on the way.

Tailored to your unique business:

Whether you own a small independent restaurant, a multi-location franchise or multiple brands under one roof, our software keeps track of inventory across each business.

Decide what ingredients to share between multiple brands and divide them to match the storage areas in your space.

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Manage your recipe costs:

Easy access to food costs and inventory data helps you account for accurate costs of goods sold.

Decide which items to keep on your menus with confidence and optimize your profitability.

Cut down on food waste:

From order mistakes to over portioning, you will be amazed at how much you can save monthly.

Know exactly how much to order from your suppliers to adjust stock levels to your actual usage.

See NextGen Kitchens' inventory management software in action

Resources to maximize your success: