Welcome to NextGen Kitchens, the order management system designed specifically for food halls, commissary and ghost kitchens. 

Digitalize your foodservice operation:

Reach customers beyond your kitchen

NextGen Kitchens provides you with the technology you need to reach your customers beyond your storefront from your ghost kitchen or restaurant.

Multiple restaurants, one mobile app

Feature different brands in your own customizable mobile app and let your customers mix food from all restaurants on one bill.

Manage your restaurant inventory

Manage your inventory in one centralized system to ensure your accurately accounting for your costs whether you have storage in one or multiple locations. WATCH OUR DEMO
  • Increase your online ordering revenue
Stop sacrificing profits by bringing orders in-house and avoiding third-party commissions.
  • Keep your inventory in one place
Organize the inventory of your digital restaurant or ghost kitchen across locations on one account. WATCH A QUICK DEMO

Optimize your profits every month:

Connect our mobile white-label to our inventory management system to receive even more accurate insights and ensure that you are maximizing your resources. WATCH OUR DEMO

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Ghost Kitchens

Feature multiple brands under one platform, enabling customers to place an order with items from multiple brands on one cart.  14

Commissary Kitchens

Create a valuable revenue generation opportunity by enabling multiple brands on a single order for their customers. 23

Food Courts

Your customers can access one multi-restaurant cart that features all businesses at the mall for a swift pick up. 15


Optimize your operation by diversifying revenue streams and modernizing your processes with our software.  

Strengthen Your Restaurant Business

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