Food Hall and Ghost Kitchen Operations Reignited

Deliver exceptional ordering experiences, streamline operations, and maximize revenue potential with our cutting-edge software solutions.

Refined by years of experience in the food industry, our cloud-based platform is designed to help you manage your entire operation from a single dashboard.

Our cloud platform is built for

Food Courts
Ghost Kitchens

Food Courts

  • Efficiently handle orders from various food vendors.
  • Simplify payments with single-bill ordering from multiple brands.
  • Seamless online, mobile, QR, and kiosk ordering experiences.
  • Streamline operations for enhanced productivity.
  • Optimize back-of-house for multi-brand food court operations.

The New Standard of multi-brand food ordering software.

Our proprietary multi-brand kiosk, mobile, and QR ordering technology allows customers to place an order from multiple restaurants in a single bill and takes care of automatically splitting and sending the order and the payment to each food operator. This leads to reduced labor costs, reduced manual overhead, enhanced customer experience, along with more consistent upsells. Say goodbye to manual work and long queues and hello to automated ops and delighted customers.

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Increase operational efficiency, guest experience, and average sales from day 1

Streamlined Order Processing and Management

Our platform simplifies order management by providing a seamless process for capturing and transmitting key information directly to the kitchens. With our solution, you can effortlessly manage orders without any unnecessary complexity, ensuring that your kitchen staff has everything they need to fulfill orders efficiently.

Intelligent Reporting and Decision-Making

Our integrated dashboard offers intelligent reporting capabilities, powered by AI technology. It enables you to capture and analyze essential data, providing timely metrics that are crucial for making informed decisions. With this valuable information at your fingertips, you can optimize your operations and drive smart business strategies.

Complex Financial Operations, Meet Your Match

Unlock a new level of efficiency in accounting, invoicing, and analysis for your multi-vendor operation, saving your team countless hours every week. Witness your financial reports updating in real-time as sales roll in, while our cutting-edge software automatically handles payment splitting, including commissions, fees, and tax calculations.

Your All-Encompassing Technology Partner

Experience the convenience of a trusted partner who takes care of all your hardware and software needs, with a dashboard for efficient oversight and streamlined operations. Empower your independent operators to manage inventory, receive orders from multiple channels, access valuable insights, and handle finances seamlessly.

All Your Orders
Conveniently in One Place

Accept orders from 3rd party food delivery services like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash, and seamlessly see those along your in-store and online orders in the NextGen Dashboard - for multiple brands. Our system streamlines order aggregation all the way through to backend kitchen operations for order processing, meal preparation, and handoff.

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