FREE Mobile App for your Restaurant:

NextGen Kitchens white-label app is a ready-to-use online ordering system that will give you higher profit margins, access to customer data, and convenience for both you and your customers!

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NextGen Kitchens Food Ordering App Can Help You: 

1) Optimize your operation

2) Gain back control

3) Improve customer engagement

Your customers your mobile app:

When you choose NextGen Kitchens’ white-label mobile app, we assist you every step of the way making it time-efficient and convenient: from customizing it and building your menu – to uploading the app to Android and iOs app stores.

Based on the valuable insights you gain through data, you can communicate directly with your customers and reach them with personalized offers and promotions based on their unique profiles based on valuable insights you gain through first-party data.

We integrate directly with multiple POS companies so you can avoid tablet overload and receive orders comfortably and directly to your restaurant kitchens.

White label app for a restaurant labelled showing the brand, address info, and menu items

Capitalize on the online ordering market

We will never charge you a commission because your customers are simply that: yours!

So why not give them a fully branded iOS and Android mobile app experience?

Build a meaningful connection with them by offering them promotions and a loyalty program.

Resources to maximize online ordering:

Find educational articles on our blog that can help you stay on top of your restaurants’ operations and learn about industry trends.